Noah's Ark Christian Learning Center - A mission of SUMC

What does it mean to be accredited?

The National Accreditation Commission provides a comprehensive ongoing quality improvement system that acknowledges the diversity of programs through the self-study and award process. Over 1,500 early learning programs in 38 states, DC and overseas participate in the Accreditation process. These include but are not limited to university and college campus based programs, private child care, faith based preschools, head starts, public preschools, corporate centers, DoD programs and employer sponsored programs.  

Goal and Purpose
Early Learning Leader's goal is to strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities of early care directors, owners, emerging leaders and other early learning professionals to ensure quality child care programs for young children. Our primary purpose is:
Networking and Collaboration
Promote and create meaningful collaborative connections among members, other professionals, and national early childhood organizations.

Training and Education
Provide professional development opportunities to strengthen the leadership skills of administrators and enhance the quality of early learning programs.

Program Quality and Accreditation
Promote quality improvements to achieve and recognize excellence in early care and education programs.

Resource Access
Provide access to a variety of quality professional resources impacting the early childhood field.

NAC achieves this by providing quality services, including professional Membership, program Accreditation, annual national Conference and unique professional development and training opportunities designed specifically for individuals who lead early care and education programs.

Noah's Ark is accredited by the Association for Early Learning Leaders--an achievement we are proud of, and do not take lightly!  Please click on the logo above to be directed to their page for more information.

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