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Our Mission

As children of the covenant with God, the members, friends, and families of Noah’s Ark Christian Learning Center will provide a vessel of safety for all those entrusted into our care. As recipients of God’s love, it is our duty and privilege to share all that we have received with those whom are in need.Through our ministry, as a mission of Sussex United Methodist Church and as faithful children of Christ, we will: Establish a quality learning center environment where the individual needs of each child are met. Build upon a foundation of Christian values. Provide an environment where children are seen as part of the family within the center. Support a nurturing atmosphere where each child is recognized as unique. Promote a love of self while growing into a love for God and all his creation. Enhance the self-esteem of those entrusted in our care. Promote cooperation and community among those responsible for providing care for the children and families attending Noah’s Ark Christian Learning Center. Provide an enriched learning environment for staff and our families to grow in knowledge and God’s love.

Noah’s Ark is run by a governing Board of Directors made up of SUMC congregation. 

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